How to book

This step-by-step guide walks you through booking a trial class or class pass and then choosing the sessions you would like to attend. You are also able to do this via the Gymcatch app (search for Gymcatch in your app store). If you’ve followed this guide and are still having issues, drop us an email at

To book a trial (single session):

  • On the Calendar, click the date you wish to attend.
  • Click Details
  • Click Book, at which point you can login or register to use Gymcatch.
  • Then add a payment card and purchase.
  • Note, if this is your first time attending Buggyfit, please complete the screening form before you attend here.

To book a class pass (or bundle with a resistance band):

  • Go to our Class page
  • Click on Packages tab
  • Select package e.g. 5 class pass for Buggyfit
  • Click purchase
  • Register – add First Name, Last Name, Email Address
  • Create password
  • Sign up
  • Click if you’d like to save your credit or debit card
  • Click Buy – £50 (or whatever cost is)
  • Put in card details on next pop up screen and click PAY
  • You will now see a tick and ‘You have bought this package’ next to the package.

Then book your sessions:

  • Now click the schedule tab
  • Click to view either next 7 days or next 30 days
  • Choose a date by clicking DETAILS button next to the session listing.
  • In some browsers the page you land on is showing the packages. Scroll up the page to view details of the class and complete the participant information – Phone number, DOB, address
  • Click Next
  • You should now see your package and a BOOK – WITH PACKAGE button. Click this.
  • You should then see a green tick and a ‘You’re booked on to this session. You have the option to cancel booking here.

To view your bookings:

  • To view your bookings, if you’re not logged in, go to and click the Login link on the right hand side. If you are logged in, click on your name
  • You’ll see a navigation – click Purchases
  • You can then see your bookings – these are the specific class dates you have booked onto. (Make sure you’re on the Upcoming tab.)
  • You can also view your packages by clicking the Packages – trial class, 5 class pass etc.
  • You can also see the sessions you’ve booked on the calendar view – next to the dates you’ve booked will be little green ticks

To cancel / rearrange a booking:

  • If you need to rearrange a session, log in and then in the calendar view select the date of the session and then the DETAILS button.
  • You’ll see the details of the session and a green tick with text underneath it that says ‘You’re booked onto this session’.
  • Click the button underneath which says CANCEL BOOKING. You will then be gifted back a session onto your pass that you can use to book another date.
  • You need to do this anytime before the session starts to be automatically refunded a class.