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Can I feed my baby during class?

Yes of course! Babies all have different routines and needs and we completely understand you may need to step aside to soothe, feed, change the baby. We recommend bringing your change bag with you so you have access to everything you need. Always a good idea to have a spare muslin in case you need to feed on the go!

Do I need a special running buggy for my baby to take part in classes?

Absolutely not! We never run with your pushchair and our class routes usually stick to the paths and the grassy areas.

I’m worried my baby will cry during class

It wouldn’t be a normal class if we didn’t have babies crying and making the odd squeak at some point throughout the class. Where possible it’s a good idea to feed your baby prior to start of the class. All babies cry and it is absolutely your decision to step aside to attend to provide comfort. We often find the babies fall asleep during the class warm up which leaves mums set for a full of hour of me time!

Do I need to be fit, I can’t even run for a bus!

No, Buggyfit is for all levels and abilities. Classes are structured and personalised to support you and help you to achieve you fitness aspirations.

I have never done exercise or a fitness class in my life!

Don’t worry, you don’t need to have undertaken any training beforehand, you just need to ensure you have had your 6 week postnatal sign off from your GP. We usually have a number of new mums starting at the beginning of a new block, so the likelihood is you won’t be a new joiner alone. Typically each class has around 15 likeminded mums who are there to enjoy the outdoors in a fun in a supportive environment.

I feel I may have left it too late to start a postnatal fitness programme

It’s never too late! Whether you’ve just had a baby, a couple of months into parenthood, or have a toddler and beyond, we have a number of different classes and programmes to help you restore your core strength, condition your body and fulfil your fitness ambitions.

Do I need to wear any special clothes for class?

You need to wear appropriate footwear to classes ie trainers. We recommend wearing exercise gear and a supportive sports bra. Layers are a good option, it’s surprising how quickly it can warm up when the sun comes out and you’re pushing a pushchair. Waterproofs can also be useful. Our classes take place even if it’s raining.

But…. I’m still not sure!

Come for a trial and what’s the worse that can happen?!

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