Total Wellbeing on line programme (including videos) No current dates available.


A complete 6 week on line programme of exercise & nutrition with daily support from the instructor you see on screen, you join a closed group of women who all start and finish the programme at the same time as you do.



This programme will gradually support you through three levels of exercises all designed specifically for women, pelvic floor safe options are offered all the way. In addition to the exercises you will be gradually guided and supported daily to a better way of managing nutrition, whether your target be to loose weight, improve fitness or to the quality of your nutrition – this programme covers it all.

You will be supported via a Face Book group with other women starting the programme at the same time as you – you will get to know each other and can post as often or as infrequently as you like.  Either way the others in your group will offer you support, ideas and community.  I, as your instructor will be there in the group with you on a daily basis as well as on your screen taking you through your exercises.

To complete the programme there are videos and blogs within your portal about general women’s health issues such as hormones, pelvic floor, how to spot when there are issues you should seek help with and information to deepen your understanding of nutrition.